In an earlier blog, we explored the advantages of knocking down and rebuilding your home, opposed to renovating and/or buying new, and here’s what we discovered: 

✔️ It’s the cheaper choice! Choosing to knock down and rebuild means you can save significant money, time and stress.

✔️ From the inside out, you are able to design the home you’ve always wanted, to suit the lifestyle you need.

✔️ You get all the perks of a new home, whilst keeping the neighbourhood you know and love.

✔️ You can maintain your equity! With land value continuing to climb and the additional value of a new home, when you knock down and rebuild, you’re investing in both your present and future.

✔️ Knocking down and rebuilding allows you to avoid the disappointment and frustration of settling for a band-aid fix on a home that no longer works for you and/or your family.

Now we know why you should knock down and rebuild, but what’s involved in the process? In this blog, we break it down and simplify what you can expect when you knock down and rebuild. 

Check with Council

Don’t start knocking down your home just yet. The first step in any potential knockdown rebuild project is to check with your local council. Depending on where you live, your council may have strict rules and regulations around heritage-listed homes, local character and more that may prevent you from progressing any further. For direct, straightforward answers, it’s best to call your local council’s building and planning department. 

Seek expert advice

This is where Crystele Homes comes into the picture! Our experience and expertise with knockdown rebuilds means we understand council regulations and how to help ensure a seamless, stress-free process. During this stage, we will evaluate boundary lines, possible new access points, the disconnection or removal of utilities (gas, water, electricity, etc.), neighbourhood interruptions and any landscaping alterations needed.

Choose your new home

Once your site has been inspected by your trusted expert, you can finalise the design of your new home. Whether you’re working alongside an architect to customise your dream home or choosing from a selection of existing home designs, such as Crystele Homes’ Classic or Creative Collection, this is your chance to create the home you’ve always wanted that suits your current lifestyle – upsizing, downsizing or modernising, your options are endless! 

Knockdown the old

Now that contracts have been signed, deposits paid and designs chosen, it’s time to say goodbye to the old and get ready for the new. This stage is where you need to prepare for the demolition process. Your builder should offer recommendations on local demolition contractors whom you will need to supply with a demolition permit from the council. The specialist will be in charge of notifying the necessary utility parties of the coming events, as well as the removal of waste material from the site. 

Whilst preparing for the demolition stage, it’s imperative you organise alternative living arrangements for yourself and/or your family for the duration of the knockdown and rebuild process. Keep in mind unforeseen delays are common due to weather and other circumstances, so it’s important to ensure you allow for an extended period of time. 

Rebuild the new

Once the demolition is complete and all final paperwork is approved, your builder can lay down the slab and the construction can begin, meanwhile, you can watch your new home come to life! For a more in-depth insight into the stages of construction, read our latest blog, here.

Now you know the knockdown rebuild process isn’t as daunting as it may seem, feel free to reach out to the team at Crystele Homes to start discussing your options! For a limited time only, Crystele Homes is offering $10K CASH BACK + $5K to spend at our new studio, The Inspiration Hub.*

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