Building a home is a big investment of time and money, regardless of whether it’s your first, forever, or investment home! With a commitment of this scale, it’s natural for homebuyers to want transparency and an understanding of what to expect when it comes to the complex process of building a home. 

At Crystele Homes, we pride ourselves on a promise to be forthcoming and honest, so in this blog, we’re revealing, step by step, what you can expect once you’ve accepted your tender and the exciting stages begin!

What happens after tender?

Step one:  Now you’ve accepted the tender, plans will be finalised ready for submission to council, any adjustments made and all changes signed off on.

Step two:  The application for your home is then lodged, by your home builder, with the appropriate authority. How long this takes will depend on certain variables such as the council, certifier and/or application type (DA, CDC or CC), however, it usually takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks.

Step three: Often the most daunting, but exciting step…. Selections! Whilst your application is with the council, you’ll choose the internal and external aesthetic of your home, this includes colours, material, kitchen layout and accessories, as well as confirming the electrical layout. Don’t worry! During this stage, your home builder of choice should offer consultants to assist you in each selection process.

Step four: Your home builder will then obtain the Home Warranty Certificate for you and send it to yourself and your bank.

Step five: Once you’ve settled on your selections, a few necessary documents are required. For example, finance approval needs to be provided to your home builder, followed by Authority to Commence.

Step six: The deposit invoice is issued at this stage and needs to be paid before continuing with the process.

Step seven: After the release from the council and once finance is approved and the deposit is paid, the construction stage of your home will commence!

Step eight: You will then be introduced to your Site Supervisor, who will be overseeing the building of your home.


Let the construction begin!

It’s important to understand when reaching this stage, there can be numerous variables that can alter the timeline. Weather can be a huge factor, as can the inspections, required by law, that occur at a number of stages throughout your build.

Stage one: Site preparation and foundation

Whether you’re starting on a new block of land or knocking down and rebuilding, this site works can involve demolition, excavation and/or levelling of the ground before the foundations of the home can be laid. Laying the foundations will also see the installation of under-slab drainage, moisture barriers and protection from termites.

Stage two: Framing plus the essentials

This is where your home will start to take shape! Using timber or steel, the framing of your floors, walls and roof will be completed and windows fitted. Once the frame inspection is completed by your bank and the certifying authority, brickwork commences and the exterior roof is installed.

Stage three: Essential energy
Next, electrical and plumbing fixtures are positioned according to your design, this will eventually give your home life with water, power and gas. Once this has been completed, workers will begin to close up your home with external materials, gutters, gyprock, cladding and insulation.

Stage four: Flooring and internal finishes

Externally, your home may look close to ready but internally, it still needs some more work. At this point, the builders will be focusing on laying down the flooring you have selected and the cabinets, skirting and architraves you loved, all with a finish coat of paint!

Stage five: Fixtures, appliances and landscaping

It’s all in the details when making your new house feel like a home and this is when it all happens. Your house will be fitted out with the addition of baths, basins, mirrors, benchtops and more. Whilst the internal home is undergoing a huge transformation, so is the external, with landscaping services taking place where applicable. Generally, driveways are also completed at this stage.

Stage six: Handing over the keys!

The time has finally come to see your finished home! However, before getting your hands on the keys, you will perform a final walk through 2 weeks prior, where you will have the chance to view your home and inspect for any final corrections and finishing touches. Once these are completed and all final payments are made, the keys will be yours and you can start enjoying your new home.


Now you understand the process of building a home a little bit better, Crystele Homes can help make this journey a reality for you! Reach out to our friendly team to discuss your options and what best suits your needs, or simply explore our stunning collections.