Picture this, you’re living in the house of your dreams, surrounded by the neighbours you already know, in the area you’re comfortable with and the lifestyle you love. If this isn’t your current situation, maybe it’s time for a change!

Over time circumstances change and the home that worked for you before may not be the right fit forever.

Families grow, homes decline and certain designs are no longer conducive to modern living. That doesn’t mean you need to struggle through the process of selling and finding the perfect home.

More and more, those looking to upsize or modernise the flow of their home are choosing to knock down and rebuild! Keeping the neighbourhood they know and love while ensuring their new home meets the needs of their current lifestyle.

Still not convinced? Read on to explore 5 of the many advantages of knocking down and rebuilding.

The Cheaper Choice

Why not just move? Whilst there’s no avoiding the significant expenses that come with rebuilding your home from scratch, the costs involved with buying and selling far surpass this. 

Of course, there’s the (no doubt) substantial payment for your new home, but then there’s the less obvious, but still necessary, costs that come with; selling agent fees, buyer’s agent fees, stamp duty (costing an average of $50,000-80,000 in Sydney), removalist costs, conveyance and legal fees, inspection costs and the list goes on and on!

In saying that, it’s not only the monetary expenses taking a toll, it’s the disappointment and frustration of scrolling through hundreds of homes, missing out at auctions or falling in love with a destination out of your budget that can also have a significant impact.

Knocking down and rebuilding eliminates these additional costs, time and mental/emotional strain and can even go one step further, saving more money in the long-term with the chance to include additional power-saving features, insulation and water-saving measures.

Design the Home You’ve Always Wanted

As you settle into your home over time it’s not uncommon to find elements that are missing or that no longer suit your lifestyle. For example, you might want an alfresco area to entertain more, the kitchen has fast become the heart of your home and needs to be bigger, or perhaps you’re looking for fewer rooms and more open space. Knocking down and rebuilding can address these problems and offer you a fresh start with the house of your dreams, suited to the new you.

When working with experienced and skilful home builders, they will give you the input you deserve in the creation of your home whilst keeping in mind the limitations of your land, council approval, etc. 

Stress Less with the Easier Process

Avoid the stress, disappointment and frustration of settling for a band-aid fix on a home that no longer works for you and/or your family. Whilst undertaking major renovations might be your initial choice, there are many reasons why it’s not the easiest option. 

With old homes in particular, once you start the renovation phase, there’s often surprises along the way that can lead to unexpected costs. This isn’t just in relation to material expenses; renovating can be extremely stressful and time-consuming. 

Whether you choose from Crystele Homes’ existing house designs or you personalise your living plan, knocking down and rebuilding takes out the countless variables that can keep you from the life you’re meant to live in the home you envisioned. 

Keep the Neighbourhood You Know & Love

You’ve already done the hard work of finding a safe neighbourhood that accommodates you; researching local schools, easily accessible transport, befriending your neighbours, discovering local entertainment and shopping centres, and more. 

Why put yourself through this again. If you’re happy where you are and the current lifestyle you lead but want to upgrade the size or flow of your home, knockdown and rebuild in the destination you’ve built a life and put down roots.

Maintain Your Equity!

Why give up what’s yours so easily? Whether or not your home has depreciated in value over time, your land likely hasn’t. In established areas and booming suburbs, in particular, the land value will continue to climb so it’s often a smart choice to continue investing in your future and maintain that equity alongside the value of a new home. Knocking down and rebuilding allows you to simultaneously invest in both your present and your future.

With Crystele Homes, knocking down and rebuilding is a simple process that affords you the opportunity to improve not only the appearance but also the functionality of your home in the location you love!

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