Believe it or not, the journey to buying your first, second or forever home doesn’t necessarily begin when you reach out to a Mortgage Broker, or other financial experts, for pre-approval. It begins in your mind, picturing how you would like the exterior and, most importantly, the interior of your home to look. 

Usually, customers come to us with a detailed idea of what they want, so when we reach the selection stage of their finishes and fixtures, they are armed with adequate knowledge. However, if this isn’t you, this blog will help guide you in the decisions you’ll face, the choices you need to prepare for and how we can assist you in the creation of a home you’re happy with. 

Firstly… What are finishes and fixtures?

To some, they may seem unimportant and obvious, but the finishes and fixtures help breathe life into your home. Think tapware, toilets, baths, kitchen appliances, heating/cooling, lighting, benchtops, cabinetry, doors, flooring, etc. The colour and material you choose can determine the style of your home and how much of your personality shines through.

Things to keep in mind…

When entering the selection stage of the build process, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed and carried away with the endless options presented to you. Most home builders will offer a standard list of inclusions, however, when deciding on the style or additional features and/or upgrades, a helpful way to break it down is to separate what you can’t live without, what would be nice and what you can walk away from. Ask yourself, “Will my home be incomplete without a rolling barn door?”. The answer should quickly reveal which category each selection belongs to and ultimately help you pick your way through the extensive options available.


How Crystele Homes can help!

At Crystele Homes, we’ve made selecting your finishes, fixtures and facades simple with our newly appointed space, ‘The Inspiration Hub’. This space was designed with our customers in mind, bringing to life the varying levels of inclusions we offer and the alterations and style choices you can make during your home building journey. From Classic, Creative and Custom designs, once you step inside, you can take the time to imagine what would suit your style and how you want your home to look. Explore every corner, from our distinctive and spacious Kitchen displays, the unique statement features and through to bathroom necessities and layouts. Your Crystele Homes Design Consultant will guide you in your walk-through, answering any questions you have regarding what’s included in your agreed-on package and the processes involved when altering style elements and features.

Do you have more questions on what’s involved in the home building process? In a recent blog, we reveal, step by step, what you can expect once you’ve accepted your tender and the exciting stages begin! Explore our exclusive ‘Insight into Building a Home’ or contact our friendly team of experts directly for more information.