As we come to the end of January, the design and building trends that are going to catapult into popularity during 2023 have started to unveil themselves! In this blog, we
reveal the inside information on what’s trending if you’re looking for some inspiration towards your 2023 home.

Look into the light

No longer is the addition of an extra window enough, this year, home designs are stepping outside traditional concepts and getting innovative with how they let light into
our homes. We’re talking skylights, seamless corner windows and even floor-to-ceiling window walls. Natural light can do wonders for not only the appearance of your home,
but also boosting your mood and your overall health – nothing a bit of Vitamin D can’t fix!

Colour is back in a big way

Whilst we’ve seen minimalist palettes, whites and neutrals leading the way for some time, this year, colour is making a comeback! It might be as simple as utilising subtle
pops via feature walls, cabinetry or other finishes. However, more and more people are experimenting with their personality and the playful side of home and interior design –
we’re expecting to have customers choosing bolder, more vivid colour schemes throughout the design of their home.

Bring in the Biophilic Design

According to Amanda Sturgeon, author of Creating Biophilic Buildings, Biophilic design is an architectural term that means, “using natural resources to create a sense of
harmony between modern architecture and the natural world.” Whilst this particular term is gaining traction in the building and design industry, the concept is nothing new.
However, 2023 will see an influx in the use of this concept through recycled stone, brick, wood and other materials throughout the build of homes, curved, free-flowing lines
making an appearance in structures such as walls and kitchen islands, plus the increased use of green and browns internally.

Take it back to the texture

Whether it be textured to the touch or solely to the eye, textured elements are here to stay in 2023. From the bathroom to the floor, we’re expecting to see interesting textures across the board! Think concrete sink basins, chrome fixtures and travertine tiles, polished concrete floors, and our personal favourite terrazzo floors and walls.

Multifunctional rooms are king

Homes aren’t just living spaces anymore, they’re offices, sanctuaries, gyms and so much more. Therefore, when looking at designing a new home, customers aren’t just looking for the traditional inclusions, such as a certain number of bedrooms, living area, kitchen, etc. Instead, 2023 is seeing a continued rise in demand for multifunctional spaces. Customers are choosing home designs with space for rooms that can function simultaneously as an office and spare bedroom, an entertainment room and library or a home gym and storage room – the list goes on and on.

Feeling inspired by the aforementioned design and building trends of 2023? Reach out to the friendly team at Crystele Homes to get the process started in custom designing your ideal 2023 home!