With Dual Living fast becoming an affordable solution to a number of concerns within the property market and the rising cost of living, now’s the time to make the move and see double with Crystele Homes!

Our extensive range of Dual Living designs offers something for every circumstance! Whether you’re looking to support family members, house share or obtain an additional source of income, our designs can cater to you.

The Clifton

Efficient design, uncompromised! Planned to ensure that living is made easy, the Clifton offers a dual living solution at an affordable price. A spacious four-bedroom home and a two-bedroom granny flat (single bedroom option also available) offers multiple living options. Whether you’re looking to accommodate in-laws, independent young adults, or an additional avenue of income in the form of a rental or pure investment, the Clifton can cater to all of your dual living needs.

The Windsor

Stately and practical, the Windsor is our most sophisticated Dual Occupancy option in our range. The combination of a double storey, four-bedroom home with an attached two-bedroom Granny Flat, pairs new-age living concepts with efficient design, and creates a home that the whole extended family can enjoy. Designed to suit the investor or home share market, this option is the perfect blend of function and design.

The Wiltshire

Efficiency and functionality are at the heart of the Wiltshire. Offering a single storey option in a traditionally double storey dominated market, this design represents a step forward when thinking about duplexes. Perfect for investment or in-law accommodation, the Wiltshire caters to a more diverse customer base and offers the standard duplex option with a difference.

The Lachlan

Duality at its finest, the Lachlan positions luxury and opportunity under one spectacular roof. Suited to lot frontages of 17.5 meters, the Lachlan boasts infinite living and entertainment space. Catered to those who appreciate the details in design, the Lachlan offers a luxe extravagance like no other with elements such as a stunning 4.5 metre door, four main bedrooms, a theatre room, study, an outdoor entertainment area and finally an attached granny flat.

The Ironstone

Space and comfort are at the axis of the Ironstone design. A sleek, modern home that provides the required functionality of a Duplex design, while allowing the occupants to live in a combination of spaces usually reserved for larger single dwellings. Internally, the home offers multiple living areas, both upstairs and downstairs while the facade will take centre stage in any new, or existing housing estate.

The York

Double the design, double the opportunity! The York offers a unique & classy duplex design and with a large living area, this open-plan design is sure to impress. A mirror image of itself, the York holds everything a family needs. Offering four bedrooms and a study per occupancy, this home caters to all situations, promising a valuable source of income.

If you have questions about what dual occupancy entails, the additional cost of a home that can accommodate/offer the opportunity for additional income, feel free to reach out to us today or explore our incredible variety of designs.