The urge to make a change and move on from your current home can be daunting and often difficult to recognise. To help, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why people often outgrow their home and look elsewhere to build.

Ready for a change of lifestyle

Have you outgrown the hustle and bustle of city life? Are you over the traffic and lack of space? Maybe you’re daydreaming of a slower lifestyle and a more idyllic location. If this is you, it might be time to build new, in the neighbourhood of your choice.

With Crystele’s custom creation homes and a variety of off-the-plan designs, you’re able to have it all – enjoying all the luxuries of modern living in the destination of your dreams.

Your home feels too small… or too big

As our lives move through different stages, what we need from our homes will also change. With the clothes, sports equipment, kitchen appliances, furniture and other belongings accumulated over the years, your once spacious home can start to feel cramped and dysfunctional. Perhaps it’s not belongings crowding your space, but roommates or family members that have meant you’ve outgrown your home and are looking to upsize.

Maybe your house isn’t too small but too big. After the kids flew the nest, are your additional rooms lying unused and a nuisance to keep clean? It might be time to downsize and build a home that matches your current situation.

Old or outdated design

Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be a huge, life-changing reason for wanting to build new. Every week, month and year homebuilders are coming out with bigger and better designs, materials and methods. Therefore, your sign to build a new home is as simple as you’ve fallen out of love with the design of your current home and you’re looking for a fresh look and layout.

You’re in a position to invest

Perhaps you’re looking to build your property portfolio and create a secondary source of income. A great opportunity for this is to build a new home that functions either as a duplex home or a home with an additional granny flat. This allows you to live in one space while renting
out the other and benefiting from consistent cash flow.

You’re ready to start a family

Are you ready to tackle one of life’s most rewarding yet challenging milestones and start building a family? It’s important to ensure that not only your home fits this new venture but that your local community has the facilities to support you in this journey, think childcare centres, schools, parks, etc. If you’re finding your suburb lacking, this may be the push you need to build bigger and/or elsewhere.

If any of the above resonated with you, reach out to Crystele Homes today and discuss your options in building a new home that suits your current situation, lifestyle, and wants and needs. If you’re not quite ready to make that call, explore our extensive home designs to get familiar with what you like.