We all have our favourite spots around the house – the rooms we retreat to after a busy week or the nook we relax in after a stressful day at work – but in our pre Covid-19 lives we didn’t always have such uninterrupted nowhere-to-go time to enjoy the spaces with the entire family.  While the break in routine has been challenging, the team at Crystele Homes have enjoyed the extra family time.

Here we check in with staff to see how they are making the most of their downtime.



If the memes and social media are anything to go by, it seems that thanks to the extra time, people have discovered (or rediscovered) a love of cooking, and it’s no different for our staff.   Janey, our Business Development Manager was fortunate to be able to retreat early to her family farm where she could still work but also enjoy the extra space. She and her young family have enjoyed spending quality time together doing lots of craft and Lego. 

And, like so many others, she’s been inspired to get creative with baking.  She’s made ricotta pikelets (in her words: “to DIE for”) and Nanny’s special chocolate cake. The family’s usual Saturday tradition was to go to the local beachside café for toasted banana bread and coffee/hot chocolate, so they’ve made an effort to keep this up during self-isolation, just with a homemade version.

Rosa from Accounts has also relished time in the kitchen “cooking up a storm”.  Her and husband Vlado been experimenting with fresh seafood like grilled whole fish and garlic butter mud crab, and home marinated ribs cooked in the smoker with jacket potatoes.


Those boardgames that often get dusty in the top cupboard have found pride of place in this Covid-19 era.  They are a great way to share time as a family, get those competitive juices flowing, and keep the brain ticking.

Christy, our Office Manager has discovered a new found love for her loungeroom where her family have played games and watched movies.  The Harry Potter series has been a been firm favourite to watch, whilst for Janey’s family, Harry Potter Cluedo has been the top game choice.

Trent, our Sales Manager has kept a “business as usual” approach to help his children adapt to the change.  The media room has become the place to be in his household – “this is where our kids spend the majority of their time watching TV and playing games such as Junior Monopoly,” he says.   


According to Exercise And Sports Science Australia, exercise remains as important as ever to help keep us physically and mentally healthy. And it seems like most of our staff agree.  Daniel, Christy and their children have enjoyed shared at-home gym sessions, something they don’t usually find the time for.   For Trent, physical activity has always been important, and the current lockdown hasn’t changed this.


Never before has fresh air felt like such a privilege, and with young children getting outside is key to keeping busy (and sane).  Janey’s children have been blessed with access to wide open spaces at their farm which they’ve taken full advantage of. “We are lucky to be able to feed the horses, jump in puddles, kick the football, collect firewood and make a fire to roast marshmallows, and have campouts”, she says. 

Trent’s children have also been playing on the trampoline and swings, whenever the weather permits. For recent second time parents, Site Supervisor Chris and his wife have enjoyed the sunlight on walks with their 2 young children in the pram, weather permitting.


Trips to Bunnings are still on the ‘can do’ list and it seems the forced downtime has also inspired our staff to tick off those domestic jobs that usually get sidelined.  DIY has also been very popular. Janey and her family have set up a vegetable garden and compost heap, and cleaned up the garden ready for new plants.  Christy has hung pictures on the walls and also made a herb and vegetable garden. Rosa hasn’t made a start yet but her first job is cleaning the garage out so that she can finally fit her car in there!

May you and your family stay safe and healthy during this unprecedented time in history. For us, the silver lining is enjoying our homes and the extra time with our families. Hopefully it is for you too.

We are still available to workshop a project you have in mind, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

– From the team at Crystele Homes.

For up to date official advice about Covid-19, visit government websites here  and here.