Whether this is your first, third or fifth home, finding one that suits your needs can often be an overwhelming but overall exciting experience. However, with land harder and harder to come by, many buyers are left disappointed after finding a design they love but no land to build on. This is why at Crystele Homes, we offer an extensive range of house and land packages in popular and upcoming areas around New South Wales to suit a variety of buyers’ lifestyles, budgets and locations. 

In this blog, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about house and land packages and the benefits of choosing them over a more traditional approach when deciding to build a home.  

What is a house and land package?

The traditional way to buy a home is to purchase a vacant lot of land before searching for a builder to design and create your home, this can end in multiple contracts, mortgages and (oftentimes) headaches. 

However, with a house and land package, you enter into a single contract, and a single mortgage, with a homebuilder (or developer) who has packaged a predetermined design on an already purchased lot – minimising steps, stress and cost.  

With most builders promising flexibility in the choice/details of design, house and land packages offer the best of both worlds, allowing buyers to choose their preferred location as well as the design of their dream home.

Why they are an ideal choice…

There are a number of benefits that come with choosing a house and land package – we unpack some of them below! 

Simple, stress-free process

The convenience and streamlined process is definitely the most appealing aspect of a house and land package. As the design, or selection of designs, is chosen to suit each block, pesky details are already considered and your decision-making is minimal, taking any additional stress off your shoulders and saving a substantial amount of time.

Clear-cut pricing

With house and land packages, what you see is what you get. The cost of your new home and the inclusions it comes with are clear from the start. The only additional costs will come from alternative design changes you wish to make to suit your lifestyle, for example, opting for a butler’s pantry, alfresco area, a more extensive inclusions package, etc.

More affordable

If you’re on a specific budget, a house and land package is the choice for you! As mentioned above, costs are clearly stated from the get-go, allowing you to plan, easily stay within your budget and not get stung with hidden prices. Secondly, this option can help you save thousands, as you will only need to pay stamp duty on the block of land’s value (as the home is yet to be built) – a win-win if you ask us. 

An investment opportunity

If you’re looking for an ideal investment opportunity, a house and land package is a great place to start! Often located in newly developed areas, house and land packages will most likely go up in value over time. They are also extremely appealing to tenants as the house itself is new, this allows you to benefit from significant rental income. 

Save yourself the time, stress and disappointment of auctions and land releases, and instead opt for Crystele Homes’ house and land packages. From Menangle Park and Spring Farm to Austral and South Nowra, explore our available packages, here!