Duplex homes are fast becoming the affordable solution to a number of concerns within the property market… 

Are you finding that land shortages are resulting in an increase in prices? Build a duplex. Do you want to live in a more premium location, but need the support of extra rental income? Build a duplex. Do you need to build your property portfolio faster and more efficiently? Build a duplex! 

In this blog, we break down how duplex homes can double your home’s potential and why you should consider them for your future. Plus, Crystele Homes’ award-winning draftsman, Francesco Fallone offers his expertise on the new popular way to live!

What is a duplex home?

Simply put, a duplex is a residential building that consists of two homes built on a single block of land. The two residences will share a common central wall but ultimately have separate entrances. Duplex homes will either exist on one land title and are owned and sold together or, after subdivision, exist on separate titles and are individually owned and sold.

Are two better than one?

Building two homes would surely be more expensive than one, right? Right AND wrong!

It is true that a duplex will require an initial outlay that exceeds that of one independent home, however, the benefits and advantages of owning a duplex home won’t take long to come into effect. The rental income from just one, let alone both dwellings, will make the outlay worth it. In other words, with double the design, comes double the return.  

Francesco Fallone offers some insight into another common misconception with duplex homes, “It’s often assumed that building two separate entities on the one land would come with huge headaches and deep pockets. However, this just isn’t true! Whilst there can be some additional outlays, such as the fire separation walls and drainage systems, these are not really additional costs when you consider that a duplex can be about 20-30% cheaper than building two separate dwellings”.

The duplex design…

Fundamentally, there are only two styles of duplex homes; above and below or side by side. At Crystele Homes, we usually encourage customers to steer clear of the above and below approach due to the additional considerations and costs that can be involved. The classic side by side style is by far the more popular choice. 

Francesco elaborates on why it’s his preferred way to design duplex homes, “Side by side homes comes with the added benefit of allowing the garage of each dwelling to be the only abutting elements. This makes room for a more traditional and seamless way of living, whilst sharing land with a neighbour”. 

However, with that being said, the days of the stock-standard, mirror image duplex homes being the only option are gone. Today, draftsmen are focusing on exteriors that are harmonious in design but still look and feel like separate homes, with interiors that function for different needs and/or lifestyles. Whether the design includes open-plan living in one dwelling for the owner to enjoy and a more standard design in the other to increase suitability for renters.

Is a duplex right for you?

The answer to the question, “is a duplex right for you”, is multifaceted, stemming into a number of smaller questions you need to consider depending on your living situation…

Can you live so close to your neighbour? Whilst important to consider, this is becoming less and less of a concern, with most homes of today sitting on smaller blocks and a decrease in space expected between neighbouring walls. 

Do you need a lot of space? Naturally, fitting two dwellings on one lot of land will mean less space. Crystele Homes’ Draftsman, Francesco reveals, “One of the biggest challenges when designing duplex homes is utilising space in the most effective way to ensure this modern way of living suits both families and individuals”. 

Are you looking to build your property portfolio? Duplex homes are an ideal choice for those looking to build their property portfolio and earn extra income in the form of rent, whether you’re building to live in one dwelling and rent out the other or rent out both, you can receive up to two rental incomes from one asset after saving thousands on land costs, compared to two separate houses. 

If you’re interested in building a duplex home or just want to learn more, Crystele Homes is here to help! With a friendly team of experienced home builders, no question is too small or too simple, reach out today to find out more.