The unexpected twists and turns of the past year, and the lockdown that resulted from COVID, saw a new way of living emerge and with this new trends have popped up to reflect and cater to a more transitional and fluid home setting.

Therefore, whether you’re designing your home, renovating, or redecorating and you’re in need of some inspiration, this guide will help you design an on-trend forever home.

Not just a home office…

If we’ve learned anything in the past few years, it’s that our homes need to be ready to function as more than the place we eat, sleep and relax, instead, it needs to be available as a multi-purpose haven. Therefore, gone are the days of the traditional home where each room has a single, static purpose. Now, it’s all about ‘flex’ spaces, rooms that can be altered for use as a home gym, office, educational space, or media room depending on what’s needed at any one time.

Less is still more

Land won’t be any easier to come by in the coming months and prices may well still be on the rise, therefore, many homebuyers will be looking for ways to work within limited spaces. When looking to enhance the livability of a home, minimalism is still the ideal approach. A modern take on minimalism is to highlight the focal point of the room, both for aesthetic and, most importantly, functionality. A perfect and very common example of this is utilising the kitchen island/bench as the feature of the kitchen.

Home is where the Zen is

Zen-living goes hand in hand with the minimalistic approach mentioned earlier, keeping the interiors simple and the space uncluttered are key trends emerging in the market. Lighter wood, clean lines, and floating surfaces go a long way in creating a calm space, and as a result a clear mind. Although we’re seeing this sprinkled throughout the home, it’s the bathrooms that often provide the most opportunity to bring zen-living into your home.

Inside, outside, inside, on!

The old is in and the new is outside! 2022 is all about bringing elements from the outside in and celebrating the structural brilliance of the buildings we live in. Rather than covering the floors, ceiling and walls with plaster and paint, we’re exposing the beauty and revealing the materials that lie beneath, for example, textured brick walls, concrete flooring, and wooden beams partitioning the ceiling. Bonus tip: Maximise windows where you can, as many and as big as possible. This will go a long way with opening up a room and allowing light into a space.

Dabble in interior design

With so many decor and interior design trends emerging, we’re picking our top five favourites to help you in your journey to decorating the home of your dreams:

  1. Start with a neutral base palette: An oldie but a goodie, neutral colours offer a range of possibilities for your home. Whether it be to harmonise with raw materials or allow for expression to show through in other elements.
  2. An unexpected pop of colour: Instead of just your classic feature wall, 2022 will see bold colour throughout the home on doors and trim.
  3. Curved edges: Say goodbye to hard lines and boxy finishes, it’s nothing but soft, rounded edges moving forward. From Penny-Round tiles to curved couches, we’re loving this trend.
  4. Smarter Furniture: With homes leaning towards multi-functional spaces, furniture is following close behind, offering storage possibilities as well as alterations that adapt to the multi-use setting at hand.
  5. Back in style: A touch of retro is back and it’s bringing a whole lot of personality with it! Hues of burnt orange, moss green and velvet textures are making an appearance in the interior of modern homes.

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