Building a new home can be both exciting and daunting. With so many styles, floorplans, materials and facades on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. Visiting a Display Home in the early stages of deciding to build a home can help you feel inspired and understand what you like and dislike in a home and also if the homebuilder is producing quality builds, suited to you.

To get the most out of your Display Home visits, we’ve compiled a list of things to action and consider before, during and after.

Create a checklist

Making a list of non-negotiables before visiting any Display Home can help limit unnecessary trips to homes that aren’t suited to you. Consider your priorities and separate your needs from your wants. Ask yourself… How many bedrooms do you need? Is one bathroom enough? Do you need a big kitchen? How important is a grassy area in your backyard? These will give you your non-negotiables, whereas elements such as whether or not you have a spa bath, butler’s pantry or bifold doors, are usually considered ‘wants’ and aren’t necessarily deal-breakers.

Decide and be firm on a budget

When walking into a Display Village without a budget in mind, you risk falling in love with a home or aspects of a home that might be unachievable within your price range. Speaking to your bank or a mortgage broker beforehand can help clear up what you can afford, the land size you should be looking at and how much cushion you can allow for upgrades and additional features. We also suggest speaking to homebuilders to get an understanding of their list of inclusions and additional costs before completing Display Home walk-throughs.

Determine your location

Where you decide to build can heavily impact your budget, block size and, in some cases, the aesthetic of your home. Therefore, getting an idea of where you’d like to live and whether you want to be close to public transport, schools, family, etc., is an important step before choosing a homebuilder and/or visiting Display Homes.

Stay focussed on what matters

Now the preparation is done, you are able to walk through your chosen Display Homes confidently and ready to make the important decisions! Beware, it’s very common to fall in love at first sight when stepping through the doors. However, it’s essential you look past the beautifully placed furniture and professionally styled decor and focus on the flow of the home; how it feels and if it will suit your lifestyle. During your visit, ask yourself… Is there anything I would change? Can I see myself living here? Do I like where the rooms are laid out? Keeping in mind most homebuilders (depending on the block size) will be able to offer slight alteration to the positioning of rooms.

Check the details, enjoy and take notes!

Visiting a Display Home is also an ideal opportunity to assess the workmanship of your future homebuilder. Ensure by the time you’ve walked through the home, you’re happy with the quality of their work and the materials they use. Remember, this should be an exciting process, so take this time to get excited about the future and really imagine yourself living in your new home. Note down all your thoughts, dislikes and likes so you don’t forget and find yourself needing to revisit the same home over and over again.

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