Are you sick of finding the house of your dreams with a price that works, only to discover hidden costs, extra inclusions and required add-ons? You’re not alone! It’s a common industry tactic to lure first-home buyers in with competitive prices and stunning display homes before revealing that everything isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

With companies taking advantage of inexperienced buyers, it’s no wonder first-home buyers experience trepidation and anxiety going into the buying process. So, what are a few things you should know in order to avoid disappointment and a blown-out budget?

Budget, Budget, Budget!

Going into the home buying experience knowing what you can afford and the will to stick to your budget means you’re less likely to get caught up in the beautiful homes outside your means. Therefore, the first question you should ask yourself when considering buying a house is, ‘How much can I afford?”. Whilst this question can seem overwhelming, there is an easy way to figure out a base budget, simply calculate 28% of your gross monthly income. This is the amount that you should be spending on your monthly mortgage payments. Any higher than this figure can put you in danger of experiencing mortgage stress. Keep in mind this is a suggested rule and doesn’t account for other debts and personal circumstances.

Be Aware Of Hidden Costs

Now you’ve determined your budget, but have you taken into account council and utility rates, or whether the area you’ve chosen to build means you have to take measures to protect your house from floods or fires? How about landscaping fees or the NSW BASIX requirements to ensure your house abides by sustainability guidelines? These are some of the hidden costs many first-home buyers don’t consider, but can make a huge impact on what they can afford. Before deciding where you’re going to build, understand the rules and regulations of your chosen area, from the local council to state and regional regulations.

Know What’s Included

Often, the furnished, painted and fitted-out house you fell in love with is not the house you thought you could afford. Usually, the price provided is for the most basic floor plan, design and model. Say goodbye to alfresco dining, custom tiling, marble countertops and luxe appliances and strip back your idea of each house to the bare bones. It’s essential to know what your contract includes, as your price will climb very quickly if it doesn’t account for the basics, for example, is there enough lights necessary in each room, or will you have to fork out the extra cash for adequate lighting? You need to be vigilant from the very beginning, questioning everything and ensuring your contract includes tapware, painting, tiling, bathroom accessories, internal/external doors, handles, lighting, etc.

At Crystele Homes, we pride ourselves on our transparency, honesty and reliability. We don’t trick first-home buyers into entering into a contract with us based on false promises and unrealistic facades. We offer fair contracts, complete with quality inclusions covering internal, external and design necessities. We want your home buying experience to be an exciting one that is within your means, without cost traps or hidden fees. We understand the hardest part of finding the right home can be matching up your needs with what you can afford. This is why we designed our new collection, the Creative Collection.

Specifically designed with first home buyers in mind, the Creative Collection seamlessly incorporates the demands of contemporary living with modern-day design. Carefully crafted to maximise space and minimise stress, these houses utilise every ounce of space available on narrow frontage lots as small as 8.5m. With a range of single and double-storey Creative designs, you can have your dream home without the financial burden.

To find out more about our most innovative collection yet, explore our Creative Collection range and discover how you gain everything and miss out on nothing.