There’s no dispute that we’re living in a time where people are busier and more time poor than ever. And with the constant uncertainty and noise, people want their homes to be a restful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the world. As we head into 2020, interior design is reflecting the move towards calm sanctuaries of rest and rejuvenation. Let’s take a look at the trends set to take off in the New Year.


Your home should reflect your style as well as how you live your life. Open plan living has been popular for decades, creating multi-functional spaces for cooking, eating, relaxing and entertaining. Space is increasingly becoming a commodity and open plan areas are adapting to the way we live our modern lives. We might use the dining table not only as a place to share a meal with the family, but also to study or prepare food. Homes with spaces that perform several functions will continue to be expressed in the interior design trends over the next decade.


Reflecting on the global movement towards sustainability, nature will be at the forefront of designer colours in 2020.  Working in harmony with the faded corals and spicy honey hues of 2019, neo mints and tranquil dawn greens will feature in modern colour schemes. Muted tones of greyish greens will be used on walls, kitchen cupboards, bathrooms and furniture. Accenting these colours with rugs, cushions and artwork  – as well as styling with an abundance of indoor plants – will instantly transform your space into a serene urban abode.


Bringing nature indoors will be the defining concept of interior design as we head into the next decade, with materials such as timber, stone and marble being used in their more ‘imperfect’ organic state. Think visible grains in timber features or raw textures that are tactile and rough. 2020 will embrace an eco /earthy aesthetic, creating a space reflective of the natural environment. 

Wallpaper will add texture and visual interest to living spaces and bedrooms, with the latest motifs inspired by nature. Think intertwining florals, butterflies, mossy ferns and luscious jungle patterns.


Utilising natural light will not only keep your home eco-friendly by lowering the dependency of artificial lighting but will give your living spaces more of a connection to the outside world. Low hanging pendants will continue to be popular in 2020, but with more of a focus on elements of nature – think cotton shades, rattan and hand-blown glass. Layered lighting is key when designing your interior. From sufficient task lighting in the kitchen to dimmable lights in the lounge room, there’s nothing that can change the mood of your home more than the way it’s lit.

Interior design will always boil down to your style, your needs and how you like to use the space in your home. Talk to us at Crystele Homes about how we can help you create the interior of your dreams.